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MichaelD From the arts to lifestyle to culture to entertainment, Bay Area Registry (BAR) is a cultural catalyst for the African American community—a resource that showcases and drives positive dialogue about and support for Black arts, events, culture and lifestyle. BAR also captures African American life as it exists within and contributes to the broader mainstream global experience. With its mix of top pick events, curated content and photography, BAR shines a spotlight on Bay Area lifestyle from an African American perspective and brings it to center stage.

Here you’ll find the experiences of African Americans captured throughout the full spectrum of Bay Area life…eyes wide open, revealing a diverse lifestyle. We document these experiences, perhaps redefining what “Black” in the Bay Area is…or is not.

As a constant, BAR is a media channel that speaks first to the Bay Area African American consumer who seeks excellence in the arts, culture and life. It also speaks to a diverse audience of Bay Area residents and visitors that see, feel and understand African American culture to be a vital contributor to American culture.

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