San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Company (SFBATCO)

    SFBATCO unites artists and audiences through live theatre that is reflective of the authentic perspective and history of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our non-profit organization supports artists through creative development, full productions, and mentorship that aspire to engage a new generation of live theatre supporters. SFBATCO, a Black, Latine, & Asian led non-profit organization, produces compelling theater that builds community, fosters cross-cultural dialogue, promotes social justice and authentically reflects the experiences of communities of color and LGBTQIA+ people. Our theatrical productions address social justice issues from an intersectional perspective and present affirmative non-stereotypical representations of individuals and communities who are feared or ostracized for their gender, race, religion, sexual preference, socio-economic or immigration status.


    Sign My Name To Freedom

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    2781 24th Street , San Francisco, California 94110, United States