Photos | MoAD Opens Spring Exhibitions (2022)

Event: MoAD Spring Exhibitions Opening (2022)
Date: March 29, 2022
Location: MoAD, San Francisco
Photos (23): Courtesy of MoAD

MoAD opened several new exhibitions spotlighting some of the most exciting and influential contemporary Black artists.

Elegies: Still Lifes in Contemporary Art, a group exhibition bringing together an international group of more than fifteen artists who have disrupted or extended the traditional presentation of still lifes featuring Njideka Akunyili CrosbySadie BarnetteAwol ErizkuDeana Lawson, and Rashaad Newsome.

David Huffman – Terra Incognita. Emerging from deep explorations of science fiction, formalist abstraction, and social justice movements of the late-20th century, Terra Incognita brings together three decades of Oakland-based artist David Huffman’s expansive Traumanaut series.

Introducing Emerging Artists Program Awardee – Cynthia Aurora Brannvall: The Threads That Bind. The Threads that Bind is an allusion to a body of artwork rendered in textiles to evoke memory, presence, labor, trade, industry, slavery, luxury, baptisms, weddings, funerals, gender and history in the African diaspora. The concept and material of thread creates meaning as an ancestral carrier traveling through time across borders through voluntary and involuntary migration from one body to another. The bind refers to shared experiences of trauma, oppression and perseverance that cohere in Black identity.

Sam Vernon: Impasse of Desires extended through September 18, 2022. Using Matt Richardson’s 2013 publication, The Queer Limit of Black Memory as a critical entry point, this site-specific installation by multidisciplinary artist Sam Vernon considers the questions Richardson raises—most urgently, where is the space for queerness to exist within a collective imagining of Blackness?—and underscores their critical relevance seven years later.

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