Video | Berkeley woman becomes fashion model in her 70s

For most people, retirement is a time to slide into some hobbies, take a trip here and there, and maybe spend some quality time in the armchair. When Carolyn Doelling retired at age 70, she became a fashion model. 

The now 77-year-old Berkeley woman fashioned a busy modeling career not long ago, jetting between the Bay Area and New York to pose for magazines, clothing campaigns and lifestyle shoots with companies like Estée Lauder, CVS and Athleta. 

“It’s almost a miracle,” Doelling said sitting in the kitchen of her Berkeley home. “It’s amazing because I never had any aspirations to be a model.” 

In her 70s, Doelling addressed her personal doldrums about advancing age by revamping herself into a model, becoming the face for boutique brands and lifestyle articles, even chronicling her other recently discovered passion: kickboxing. More… 

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