Video | This premier golf program inspires East Bay youth with every putt

Since 1998, Ace Kids Golf has introduced over 8,000 Oakland youth to the wonderful world of golf. With every putt, kids develop the life skills needed to succeed both on and off the course.

The premier East Bay junior golf program is open to youth ages 5-18, hosting up to 900 underserved youth each year. Ace Kids Golf aims to build friendships, confidence, and integrity while teaching kids the basics of golf in a peaceful, outdoor environment.

“Offering golf to our youth is very important because it gets them out of their neighborhoods. You come to a beautiful golf course, like here at Lake Chabot, you’re here in nature,” expressed Ace Kids Golf Program director Preston Pinkney. “When you think about the kids coming up from the inner cities, you know, there’s a lot of violence going on. There’s a lot of negativity. So, this is another place for peace and calmness.” More…

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